Day 251 of 365

I have realized the older we get, the more regrets we tend to have. I have a fix for this. If we attempt to do something Amazing each day, we will have no regrets. Most us regret the things we have said or the things we have done, but all of those things are what makes us who we are. We have learned more about ourselves and determined, usually, not to go back and repeat that behavior or action we originally regretted.

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines amazing as: causing great wonder or surprise. Today, my amazing feat was taking a drive down a new road which allowed us to find a new way around Kissimmee!

Maybe my version of doing something amazing is by thinking outside the box, being unconventional and maybe a little crazy in order to bring a smile to someone else's face. 

What ever it is you chose to do each day that is amazing - 
savor it
live in the moment 
feel the magic 
have no regrets...

Love, peace and be amazing...

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