Day 249 of 365

Today was the day of a million songs for me... Sometime I forget how fun it can be just be silly and enjoy yourself at work. Everything my trainee and I talked tonight prompted songs and quotes from movies and musicals.

My favorite moment of the evening was putting on the new Minnie witch hat, grabbing a shiny red bag, putting on a Mickey mitt and using the ECV return lane as my cat walk to pose and strut myself.

At one point while we were closing one of the shops tonight, I was walking with my trainee to the office when I turn ed to the cast and yelled "You'll stay up, until this dump shines like the top of the Chrysler building!!!" in true Annie fashion. Of course they all just looked back and stared but it was hilarious.

I would start talking with one accent and switch between three or four while carrying on different conversations and the crew from Mouse Gear made it to the money room they were greeted by my own version of "Call me maybe."

I hear people tell me all the time how crazy I am, and you know they are right, but not one of them said with an unhappy face. I act crazy because it brings smiles to others faces and it makes me feel better emotionally. I realized tonight that I don't get crazy with my BFF anymore like we used to.  We used to go out driving and crank up the tunes and sing together or carry on make believe conversations. I think sometimes we get so wrapped up in our adult lives that we forget how to have fun like a kid.

I may not know all the right words to a song, but I am going to sing it out loud like I do...

Love, peace and act like a kid again!


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