Day 245 of 365

I know too many people who spend their time being mad or thinking about ways to be unhappy in their lives.  They believe everyone is out to get them; or that the whole world is against them. Well, I am here to say... You are absolutely right, at the last meeting of the world we all voted and we decided it was you we want to make miserable... Is that what you want to hear?  You only have to feel that way if you choose to feel that way. 

Now you are whining saying, that everyone is against me, my marriage is awful, my kids are ungrateful, my job is terrible. Guess what? All of that can be fixed, but you would rather sit and take pity on yourself. If your marriage is bad, find help. Are your kids ungrateful? Then let then fend for themselves so they can learn to appreciate things in life, don't just hand them everything they want and when you threaten to punish for misbehaving or acting out, follow through. I don't mean hit them or scream at them; if you tell them they will lose privileges, stick to your guns. They aren't going to be grateful for anything if you give them everything. If you are miserable in your job, find something you are passionate about and do it. If you have hated every boss you have ever had, become your own boss. 

Life is way to short to spend it complaining about the what ifs and the if I had onlys. Find what makes you happy and live it out loud. Don't wait until it's too late. 

Love, peace and live out loud!


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