Day 244 of 365

What an epic day... This morning I drug myself out of bed and got dressed in my costume and headed to Epcot on my day off to be a part of a monumental photo. We all gathered together to take the photo for Epcot's upcoming 30th Anniversary. First they brought all of the cast that had worked there since opening day, October 1, 1982. In total there was probably about 57 original cast members that were there for the photo with Mickey, Minnie, Erin Youngs (Epcot VP) and Meg Crofton (WDW President). Following that photo they began adding the additional cast in, or us, to take the park wide picture. It was fun, because they called up our group first to go up on the fountain stage and fill in with the cast already there. Once the stage was packed with cast, they snapped the shot of us from an overhead camera, high a top a crane. It was so cool.

Later that morning, I attended my first Cast appreciation party ever at Disney. Yes, I know in October I will be celebrating 5 years, but it was always scheduled on my day off and so I never came in for it, until today. It was so fun. Free food, fun music and photos of past costumes. What could be better? Why, winning a prize of course! And I did, Pirate of the Caribbean on DVD. It will make a nice white elephant gift during the holidays. :)

So here is the news you have all been waiting for...

The Babies are Here!!!! After weeks and weeks of waiting the Babies have made their way into the world. Our sweet cat Sammi gave birth to 6 adorable little babies today. Mom and the kids are doing very well. She began nesting around 1pm and then by 4:35 the last of the six came into the world.

Love, peace and welcome to the world...

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