Day 243 of 365

What a great night! Pizza, Smirnoff, Celebrity Taboo and a gaggle of friends makes for one fun evening! It's funny because the majority of us met at work and now; like magic we are friends. This is the group I can trust, the ones that care about me and I care about them. We were short a few from the group tonight, but these are the few, the crazy friends.

These are the ones here in Florida that I appreciate the most and I know they appreciate me, no matter how crazy I can get. I am so blessed to have each and everyone of them in my life. I also know if something happens and one of us is disappointed by the other, that we still love each other enough to know that whatever happened wasn't intentional and they will forgive us (or us them) and it will be OK.

Remember, we become like the people we hangout, so be wise in your choice of friend. If they are people the are unhappy and miserable, than you will find yourself in the same predicament. But id they are happy and crazy, we just might be friends. :)

Love, peace and hold out for the Real friends,

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