Day 241 of 365

I love when I am given the opportunity to change someone's opinion about something when there first impression isn't necessarily a good one.  It reminds me of how important it is that we treat new people the same way we treat old friends.

I was training a new cast member the past two days and they had a rough start on their first day; I had them on day 3. The impression that she had of the company after an encounter with a leader was not a positive one. They had asked the leader for some information on different roles in the company and let's just say they were less than positive with them, which  left a very bad impression about this job she had taken on. When they relayed the information to myself and my co-trainer we were both shocked and we assured them that we would make it right. This new Cast member has never stepped on D property before starting their program and has worked for a few other very notable companies, so to say they were disappointed and a little tempted to call it quits was an understatement.

Well , today we introduced them to a leader of ours who has offered to help them along their journey. I have not seen someone's attitude change so quickly in a long time. They looked happier and less stressed, I could tell what had happened on their first day was really weighing them down and now it was as if that weight was lifted.

I have had many people ask me when I am going for leadership and I simply tell them, I don't need the title to be a leader, I can lead in other ways and come out of it a lot less stressed in the end. I also let them know that not everyone is born to be a manager, I was born to teach. My BFF, HE was born to be a manager.

We need to stop doing what everyone else says we should do with our lives and start doing what we want to do, because we only get one time around...

Love, peace and encouragement...

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