Day 240 of 365

As I was browsing through my friends posts tonight I ran across this incredible list. It denotes what defines a successful person versus an unsuccessful person and I think it really hit the nail on the head for me. I am going to print this out and carry it with me and use it as an encourager for me fellow cast. I think it's a nice reminder of the things we want to strive for especially those of us that are aiming for success in our lives.

Now, when I refer to success I mean a happy life. It doesn't necessarily mean that I will be rich or have all the "finer" things in life. What we all truly need in life isn't always what you can buy. Obviously we need food and shelter, that is a given but we also need people to love us, and if someone says they don't need love, then they don't love themselves; and love doesn't need to come from a boyfriend or girlfriend or a spouse. It can be the love of your family or your friends as well. Love doesn't mean you are getting it on with them, it means you have someone in your life to get on with in age, that person or people you can see going through life with and who will be with you until the end.

I want to strive to just be successful in being a good daughter, sister and friend, then the rest will just fall into place.

Love, peace and strive for success...

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