Day 239 of 365

Pregnant Cat Update:
So Sammi stayed over last night on the lanai and she will be staying again tonight and probably through the rest of her pregnancy and the weeks following. It's nice to have another cat in the house, one that Gabriel can love on since Belle is not a very good sister to him most of the time. The bad thing about Sammi is that I am afraid we are getting very attached to her...

I realized today that others may forget to show appreciation for our team, but I can show my appreciation I feel for them... Even if we have no one else to show us support we can continue to support each other.

Today my former trainee shared her experience about when she first started with my current trainee. She was so passionate speaking about what she learned from me that day and that made me feel better after the past few weeks I have had. She told her how she really learned about the Basics by watching my interactions with the Guests and how my Disney references really brought the magic to life for her and it inspired her to become a Disney trainer as well. It made me just realize I need to keep doing what I am doing; do the best job I can do and be the best me I can be.

Love, peace and I gotta be me...

If this seems scatter brained I apologize, it was Hallmark Movie Night...

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