Day 238 of 365

So Sammi is getting very close to her due date. Her little tummy is getting rounder and she is becoming more attached to us everyday. She is even dares to go near the Queen bee, Belle. Mom started out letting her in the house, calling the time play dates, however, these "play dates" are becoming longer and longer. Tonight she has been in the house for over 4 hours and I know last night she was unhappy to go back outside so we will see what happens tonight.

Today I got to play COT (Coordinator of Training) in the office. I answered phones and checked training grids and helped cast members that were late for my safety class get everything straightened out. I loved it! If I knew I wouldn't get in trouble I would have fixed issues on the grids, like the fact that someone, who will remain nameless, has been changing the font to mess with the COT in charge of the Cores. It was nice for myself and another member of our core team to be recognized by one of the COTs working today for helping keep the office running with all of the missing COTs. Believe it or not, most areas forget our team. They see the things we do when we work as just part of our job, even when we go out of our way to help with those areas.

I may have said this before but being a Core trainer is never easy. You spend your days training in some form or fashion, whether it is actually training cast members one on one in their location, teaching a class or running around getting their e-learning up to date. We touch the lives of the majority of the Epcot Merchandise Cast Members at some point during their time with us, no matter how long or how short it is. You are probably thinking there is no way you can know every merchandise cast member in Epcot, well between training, e-learning, Safety, Train the Trainer and helping pick up cast from their Discovery Day, it's not even just Merchandise Cast that we know. It's OK that we don't get the recognition but it is nice to know that the job we are doing matters.

Love, Peace and appreciation

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