Day 236 of 365

OK, so I have been off FB since the beginning of the month and I am back again. What can I say, I couldn't stay away...

Obviously by my blogs this week, I have really been struggling with stressing about things at work and I know that the stress has not been good for me at all. I am beginning to see that the stress could be my Migraine trigger and I need to learn to de-stress better.

I spend entire to much time worrying in my life about what others are going to say or do. I need to spend that time on myself. On taking time for me and making me the priority. It's funny that a year ago I was going through this same stuff with my life coach. She was having me write down what I was doing for myself each day. It could be something as simple as taking time to read a book or crafting. Apparently I needed a reminder of this. So I am giving myself some time to Sparkle. I don't mean that I am going to show off but to allow myself the time to do something for me. Blogging just isn't enough. Blogging is an outlet but it's not enough. I am in need of some serious sparkle time. Time doing something for me and no one else. Maybe it's taking a walk, or sitting out on the lanai and listening to music, or painting my toes all different colors with some's me time I need...

Love, peace and a little time to sparkle...

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