Day 233 of 365

I have been having a rough few weeks. Lots of drama at work and it's been weighing me down and it all came to a eruption point today. It is so hard when you feel like everything you have to say is unimportant, like no matter what opinion you voice is only going to be shot down.

Sometimes it is hard for others looking in to understand why you are so passionate about something. To some, your passion seems ridiculous or over the top; while some see it as a distraction from their own agendas. The thing I need to remember is that when I clock out at the end of the day, I need to leave that passion in my locker at work and not carry it home with me. To not let the struggles I am facing at work effect my home life. I am only an hourly worker and don't get paid once I see Mickey at the end of the day. (No Mickey No Money)

I need to remember that everything in life happens for a reason, the experiences we have are all building us into a stronger more well rounded individual and in the end it's those life experiences that are going to help launch us forward. To make us better people in the end if we chose to look at life that way. I may not be satisfied with an answer that was given to me today, but I have to keep being persistent with what I am passionate about because all of these things are going to make me a better leader in the future.

love, peace and keep the passion alive...

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