Day 232 of 365

For those of you that are friends with me on FB, you may have noticed that my profile is visible again. I am posting my blog on my page again, but I am not using it for anything else. I heard from several friends that they were sad not to see it posted so I decided to start making it available to them through FB. (So, Pumkin, you can read it again. ;)

I have to say what a blessing this blog has been to me. The opportunity to speak my mind and heart has really helped me learn a lot about myself. For a long time I haven't liked the road I have been on. It's been a road covered in pains from the past, emotional eating, poor self image, poor self worth... Now, i am trying to change it around. Start paving a new road.

I am walking at least 3 days a week outside of work, more some weeks, but you have to start somewhere. I began documenting my food intake again. It is clinically proven that people that journal their food intake lose more than people who don't. Don't worry, I am not going to start posting all of my food in my blog...unless it is something truly yummy that is worth sharing. Something I am going to add to my food journal is something my old health coach had me do. Not only document what I ate but I how I felt before and after I ate it. What was my mood, was I genuinely hungry or was it just something to pass the time. I am not looking at the calories I consumed, rather the food I consumed and how I felt.

So lets see where this new road will take me and where I will end up at the end of it...Maybe it won't end, or maybe a new road will begin; only time will tell...

Love, peace and get paving!

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