Day 229 of 365

I'm starting to feel like me again. It has been a crazy week, month, summer and I am starting to feel comfortable in my skin again. I am starting to make more healthy choices for myself both physically and mentally.

If you aren't mentally ready to do something like eat better or exercise everyday, you won't be able to do it. So very often I thought I was ready to really focus and work hard towards my weight loss goals but then something would happen and I would miss a day or eat a really fattening thing and I would mentally sabotage myself and I would give up. This time I have to believe that it will be the last time I start again. I can't start over, because if I did that I would have to go back in time and since Marty McFly isn't sitting outside my house in a Delorean, I am pretty sure I have to start from where I am and keep moving forward.

It's funny because that phrase about keep moving forward, is from a quote by Walt Disney and they used it in "Meet the Robinsons", and I love it. You are like, so what is so funny about it? Well, I use Keep Moving Forward quite a bit and today during my pin cushion appointment my acupuncturist told me those exact words when it came to the 5K training and my weight loss goals.

If we aren't looking forward and heading in that direction we will never discover new things in our lives. We will continue to live out our lives without the excitement of Discovery and wonderment.

Love, peace and keep moving forward...


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