Day 228 of 365

 When I finally woke up this morning after a refreshing 11.5 hour slumber I was ready to take on the world. Now almost 16 hours later I am ready to retaliate to my bed once again.

I love the saying "Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional," because this is my thought process in a nut shell. We spend our whole youth always wanting to be older and our whole adult life wishing we could still be young, Age is just a number, it's not a sentence to boredom.

My sweet mother is almost 70, Mom forgive me, but she doesn't act it. She doesn't just sit around the house waiting for the end to come. She is outside enjoying life, digging in the garden helping make the world a more beautiful place. She works out on the Wii Fit to get herself into shape. She still prefers writing letters or sending cards instead of spending emails. I want to be like her when I grow up. :)

Most people at work have no idea how old I am, because of my vest for fun and magic they assume I am younger than them or if they are College age they think I am only a few years older. I have worked to many jobs that aged me before my time and they were just They were a paycheck, a time killer, my learning ground to prepare me for the "job" I have today. A place where I go each day to laugh and make magic, not just for the guests but for the cast I interact with. "Working" at Disney is the best playtime I have ever gotten paid for.

Love, peace and love what you do or find something else to do...

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