Day 224 of 365

So, Team TLC has a new member. Team TLC you ask? Well, that is my 5K team. My friend registered to do the 5K with me in November and Team TLC is born! Even though Mom can't do the 5K she is my coach and head cheerleader, when I got home tonight I tried to make excuses for not walking and she pushed me out the door. So again THANK YOU MOM!!!

When I first started as a trainer, my COT mentor and I were walking through the cast service center and tons of cast members were saying hello to her and hugging her and all kept thinking is, "some day I want to be known like that." Well, I can say that that wish has definitely come true and I realized something about that wish. It is one thing to wish to be known by a bunch a people, it's another to be known because you have made a difference to them. Looking back on that day with my Mentor I can see the admiration those cast members had for her because she is passionate about what she does and she will do whatever she can to help others out. 

For anyone who knows we really well, they know how hard it is for me to except when people say nice things about me, I've written about it many times. But today, I saw it. I saw the admiration on the faces of cast members I have trained either in a shop or one of my classes and it made me feel good. I made me see how I have made a difference to them. In the past four and a half years there have been plenty of days that I would go home after training and think, "am I really making a difference? Did I waste my time and theirs?" But today it finally clicked into place, it doesn't matter how many people you know or that know you, because in life you will meet a ton of people. What really matters is how you impacted their life. Do they remember you as a friend or teacher or mentor; or as an enemy or an emotional drain on their life?

You only get one chance as life, decide how you want to be remembered...

Peace, Love and live the legacy you want to be remembered for...

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