Day 223 of 365

I successfully completed walking 1.16 miles in 15 minutes this evening. It felt good to get out and walk. Normally after a fun-filled day of hanging with my bff I just want to sit and relax and get ready for bed, but the minute I walked in the door I realized that we were so busy painting at his house today, that I forgot to walk. So, I changed into my workout gear, slipped into my walking shoes and put in my ear buds without a glance back.

When I got home my Mom told me she had spoken to my oldest brother today and he had asked about my 5K preparations and of course Mom was honest and told him that there really hadn't been any until yesterday. Being my older brother he told her he was afraid to say anything, but you know what, it would be OK if he did.

There is 10 years difference between us and like all siblings we have had our ups and downs; also with that much space between us in age that can cause issues too. I haven't really said this to anyone, but the main reason I want to do this 5K is I want my big Brother to be proud of me. Now before any family reads this and thinks, What are you talking about of course he is proud of you. He knows my history with different activities and I want to show him I can do something and really stick to it. Who knows, maybe some day we will get to race in a 5K together. :)

So, now at the end of the day I am really proud of myself for not letting my sleepiness over take me and I took charge instead! Who knows, maybe by the time of the 5K I might run a bit of it. :)

Love, peace and stick with it!

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