Day 222 of 365

With only 93 days remaining until my first 5K, I have officially begun my training. I want to thank my benefactor once again, for believing in me, my Mom for verbally motivating me and my BFF for encouraging me to get off my ever widening rear end tonight to get walking.

We went over to Celebration to walk the trails and made it a mile before we were called on account of rain, but mostly lightning. I'm afraid of lightning. Then unbeknownst to my BFF, I went to the gym and walked an additional 24 minutes on the treadmill, sorry BFF please don't be upset with me; and I have decided that I do not enjoy walking on the treadmill and prefer to sweat my butt off walking in the heat, or freezing it off in the cold.

So my plan for tomorrow morning is to get up and walk again, and the next day and the next day and the next day; until I can average a 16 minute mile or less. I am not a runner but who knows, maybe I will work my way up to it.

Love, peace and walking your buns off....

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