Day 221 of 365

It's good to be patient I have found. Because when I am patient other amazing things get a chance to happen.  Like I have said to myself before, if I am too worried about what my happen, I miss out on what is happening.

Tonight I had a great time training a new emerging leader in my home location. I had the privilege of taking her onto the Stage in front of the fountain and getting to do the big wave goodnight. I love seeing the look on the face of my trainee as well as seeing all of the happy faces waving back at us. It's a time my trainee can look back on and know they were part of something pretty special.

Moving on to a new position doesn't mean I am wishing away what I have, it's wanting to be in a position where I can do even more for the new cast coming in so that magical moments like the one we had tonight can happen more often.

Love, peace and magic is real...

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