Day 220 of 365

Sometimes all you can do is wait...

As I was waling through one of the infamous cavernous tunnels at work today with a friend, she told me again how much she believes I am wasting my talents by working at a trainer. She sees me leading others and using my creativity to help do other things. I told her thank you, but she stated that I didn't believe her but I really should. The thing is I do believe her and I thanked her again for the kind words and support. I understand what she is saying, however the role I want is a waiting list away; seniority based not merit based.  Because of this, it can be frustrating at times for myself and others, however, I am learning to be patient, obviously there is something I still haven't learned yet in the role I am in.

In fact, today I was doing a trainer shadow and came to the realization that my job isn't just about being a trainer...It's also about being a motivator and an encourager at times. That's the thing we don't always remember. Sometimes the person we are training needs a boost of confidence and we are just the ones to give it. So many people look at our team and think our job is easy, but they only see us when we are in their area. Not every location is easy for us, nor is every cast member (or manager) easy to deal with, not to mention the guests. Because of the costume we wear, very often we are seen as an authority figure and we end up having to be problem solvers.

So my role is not just a trainer of all of Epcot merchandise it is:
A tour guide sitter
...costuming assistant
...story teller
...secret keeper
... prosecutor
...surrogate mother
...court jester police
...tattle tale
...technical support
...interior designer
...rescue ranger
... defendant
...Corrections Officer

And people wonder why we can be so tired sometimes...

So until I learn what I need to learn and my next dream job opens up for me, I will try and be patient...even though it is REALLY hard sometimes....

Love, peace and patience

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