Day 216 of 365

My heart was sad today, a good friend of mine lost her Grandfather unexpectedly. It made me realize so many people don't know how to react in situations like this.

When I first received the news I sent my friend a text letting her know I was so sorry for her loss and I was thinking about her; the typical thing we all say. Then I text her a bit later asking for her to let me know when the service was going to be. After speaking with another friend of mine I decided to let our team know what was happening. As I began to write the email I decided that I remember what it felt like in the hours after losing my Dad and then my grandmother and how it comforted me to hear from my friends. So I picked up the phone and called her.

Sometimes as the friend it is our job to help our friends grieve. Very often some people need to be told that it is OK to be sad or mad or to share their memories and even laugh.  Be the friend you would want if you were in the same situation.

Love, peace and be a friend...

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