Day 215 of 365

This is the first year I remember really making an effort to watch the Summer Olympics, as I may have mentioned before. Most years I would purposefully avoid watching NBC but I have watched quite a few events.  This year has been extremely exciting, watching Phelps and Lochte compete, the US Women's Gymnastic Team top the podium, along with seeing the amazing performances of the others that have gotten Team USA to 37 medals, 18 gold, so far in these games. GO USA GO!!!

Alright, so many people have been questioning why I am removing myself from Facebook. First of all it is not a publicity stunt. Since I am not famous and I don't really make any money off this blog, that theory is just crazy and weird. To be perfectly honest, I spend entirely too much time worrying about other people's lives and should I "like" that person's post but not that one and how much sharing is too much sharing and am I sending too many game requests? I already have a hard enough time getting motivated to get my butt off the couch and do something, but Facebook just makes it that more difficult.

The other reason for getting off is I am tired of all of the noise. This friend posts something against this person and this person has pinned 40 pins today on pinterest and "like" this post or your butt will get bigger. (Too late for that one) I just need a break. I realized when I am with friends or family, I miss half of what is going on because I am too wrapped up in what people are posting. Something has got to give and that thing is FB.

Love, peace and turning off the noise...

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