Day 212 of 365

I may offend or upset a few people with this but, when did we become such a people of political correctness? Where people are no longer allowed to have their own opinions about things without being threatened with law suits or boycotts or splits in friendships or families, or being called racist or intolerant or hater?

If I say I don't like the President, that I don't like his policies and the job he has done and the decisions he has made for our country or what he has said about our country... I am called a racist.

If I say I love chicken sandwiches from Chick-a-fil and will continue to frequent their restaurant... I am said to be a supporter of a Gay bashing company

If I eat Campbell's Soup while surfing Google on my Apple computer... I am a supporter of Gay marriage.

I am human, I am an American, the constitution says I am allowed Free Speech. So I have the right to my opinion. It doesn't matter where I eat or where I shop, my beliefs are mine and I shouldn't be afraid to voice them, when it's appropriate. I also shouldn't have to push my way through a picket line to eat a meal.

I go back to my blog yesterday. TLC, Take it, Leave it, Change it.

You can Take what has happened and weigh how you feel about it and except it or reject it.
You can choose to Leave that establishment, no one is forcing you to go there.
Or you can Change, look at it from all sides of the arguments, don't make a snap judgement based on everyone else's opinion and anger. Before you jump on the bandwagon take a second and step back and look at the facts. This reminds me of a great true story about us becoming too politically correct.

(names have been changed to protect the guilty, and before anyone gets on me for this, one of my black friends (she doesn't like the term African American) thought this was hilarious)

While working one day, Bob went looking for worker Pierre. In the store there were two Pierre that were both from France, one was black and one was white. Bob approached Sally, who was black, and asked, "Have you seen Black Pierre?" Her response with an attitude was, "Don't you mean African American Pierre?"  To which Bob replied, "No, I mean Black French Pierre."

Do you see how crazy we are getting as a nation? Also, why is it such a big deal for people to come out to the world? If you love someone why does it have to be public knowledge?  I know there will be people mad at me for this, but honestly I don't care.  I am tired of having to apologize for every little thing I say or do.  I am tired of the media making these celebrities head line stories. I don't need to know that Kristen is cheating on Robert, or Anderson Cooper is Gay, or Tom and Katie are getting divorced.  If you love this person, that's your personal life, if you cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or lover, again that is your personal life! What are we teaching our children? If people are that interested in what I am doing every second of the day than I am gonna start posting every second of my day on Facebook. My status updates might look like this:

woke up after alarm, no time to brush my teeth... 8:15am

picking up friends to hang at the park... 9:01am

my stomach is really hurting, need some pepto, no more food from taco barn... 12:23pm

saw a hot german, wonder if he likes Cougars? 2:23pm

Hot German gay, wonder if he needs a shopping buddy. 2:25pm

Can't wait for this day to be over so I can catch up on Facebook. 3:45pm

Just kidding about last post I am having so much fun with my friends... 3:46pm

Or better yet I will tweet it all but also link my tweets to Facebook to save time!!! I know I am going to upset some people with this but, if you decide to come out that is your choice, but can someone explain to me why you think you need to share that with the world?  It's one thing to share it with friends and family but to post it for the whole world to see? Why is that? Live your life, love yourself and be who you want to be. If you truly didn't care what others think you wouldn't need to make such a big deal out of it. The ones that love you the most will stick by you no matter what and the rest that don't, that's their burden to bare not yours.
Love, Peace and Live your life, love yourself and be who you want to be...I am

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