Day 211 of 365

 I received some great advice from a friend when it comes to dealing with people:

“In every situation when you are dealing with an unpleasant person, you always have 3 choices,  call them TLC.    

You can Take It – “for this particular moment in  time, I can let this pass, it will not be important in a year”
You can Leave It – “this relationship, encounter, person is just not worth my time and energy. I am walking away”

You can Change It – “I can advise this person of the consequences I will impose the next time this happens, i.e., will walk away or I change my response”

I think this is the same for everyday situations...

When things get rough or complicated you can Take it, Leave it or Change it. 
Those are the choices you get in life. Once you've made your decision live it out loud and don't look back. 

Love, peace and live out loud...

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