Day 210 of 365

I finally got to see the end of the Olympic opening after work today. All I can say is wow. The torch lighting was amazing; it was very touching to see Muhammad Ali symbolically pass the Olympic Flag and sweet at how Sir John McCartney got chocked up as he began singing "Hey Jude. " I honestly don't remember being this excited about the Summer Olympics but today at lunch we were all crowded around the TV watching of all things Archery. It was so enjoyable though because we were all really getting into it. When we started watching it, it was between Women's Basketball and Men's Team Archery. From the first 10 point shot we were drawn in.
We saw South Korea win the Bronze and then we watched the US compete against Italy for the Gold. It was crazy because when you think of Olympic Athletes you think thin and athletic, but when we saw the teams competing that wasn't necessarily the case.  It made me excited to know that not all Olympic athletes have to be super thin, and this is a sport people of all sizes and ages can compete.

The first world record of the 2012 Olympics was made yesterday before the opening ceremonies. South Korean Archer Im Dong Hyun, who is legally blind, posted a score of 699, breaking his own record of 72 Arrows. (pictured to the left)

If this doesn't encourage you to get past your own personal limitations I don't know what will. I'm too fat, I'm too young, I'm too old, I'm too uncoordinated, I'm too busy... He didn't listen to those words in his head and neither should you.

Love, peace and Bulls-eye!


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