Day 209 of 365

I heard a great quote today and then of course I had to add my spin on it. The quote came from a new movie called, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." A coach asks him why he is smiling and Timothy's response is, "I can only get better." Isn't that what all of our answers should be when we mess up at something or we aren't good at it right off from the beginning. Instead of whining and complaining that something is too hard or saying I can't do it... Wouldn't it be better if we tell ourselves, I can only get better.

Instead of getting down on ourselves when, for instance, if I have a pig out night, I can stop and say I can't do any worse than I did today, tomorrow I can do better. Maybe when we are trying to teach someone something that they aren't really grasping we can tell them, they are going to get better. Again putting a positive spin on it.

I have a very close friend that has been frustrated lately about the lack of time we have had to spend together, all I can say is things have been crazy this summer but if you are patient, things will get better. ;-)

Love, peace and don't give up, it can only get better...

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