Day 207 of 365

I experienced my first professional back massage today. All I can say is.... Amazing. There was a health fair at work today and so my shadow and I explored and learned some great information on how to get ourselves healthy and we each got a 10 minute back massage. Another check off of my wish list!

Another thing I learned was my muscle mass index and my nasty BMI, but it was good to see these numbers. It put them in my face and made me really aware of how bad things have truly gotten. I also had my BP checked, the top number was good but the bottom number, not so good. I am at my highest weight ever and it has to stop now.

So, my new mantra is to the left. :) I am not saying I won't indulge now and then but it can't be everyday. I need to go back to being sensible with my eating and get off my tush.

So, I a,m challenging all of my readers to the following...
1. Find at least 10 minutes each day to raise your heart rate.
2. Enjoy the food you are eating, don't rush your meal. Savor every bite
3. Do at least one thing for yourself each day!

When you do all three of these things, you will truly find yourself FED.

Love, peace and do it for you and no one else...

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