Day 205 of 365

My trip home is quickly coming to a close and I have had a really great time with my family and friends. I have learned so important things along the way as well....

1. If you have special food you crave that you can at only get at home, then try and eat that special food and enjoy it while visiting home, savor it and don't dog yourself for it later. This a treat!

2. When you are staying with your family or even with friends, be sure to offer to help with things and don't expect anyone to wait on you hand and foot or entertain you non stop. You aren't the Queen Mum and they aren't your servants.

3. You can't change the past... Who I was 20 years ago is not the person I am now, and that doesn't mean that other person you knew back then is the same person they were either, but amazingly enough some people can be. Just move forward and except them for who they are (still) and appreciate the person you have become.

4. There are no do overs in life... If you argued with someone over something in the past and that person says let bygones be bygones and don't keep dredging things up. If they don't remember what the original disagreement was and you do, LET IT GO.... Life is too short to waste it on worrying about things of the past.

5. Don't Assume anything... I assumed my job was going to be perceived as lame because I don't make a lot of money and I am not some successful, rich person. In reality, more people asked me about my job, because they have seen how happy it makes me and they want to understand what it is like and how I can be so happy doing it.

Sometimes you just have to face these challenges, like seeing people you haven't seen in 20 years, head on. They can make one of two decisions about you. They can chose to talk to you or they can chose not to. But remember, if they chose not to, it's their loss.

Love, peace and Move forward...

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