Day 202 of 365

What a day...It began way too early, 4am Eastern Time early, a mere 5 hours after going to bed. I sprang to work finishing packing and getting ready to leave on my adventure that would bring me to St. Louis. I had the perfect experience getting through OIA, the TSA agent even thought she had seen me earlier in the week. I told her I hadn't been in a plane in a few months, it must have been my doppelganger. We both laughed and I moved onto the Que where I was escorted to the shortest line and was through within minutes. The train quickly arrived and whisked me to my terminal.

I love the A Terminal, they have cushy chairs that have plugs so you can charge your electronics so as I watched the horrific news of the shooting in Colorado over and over again on HLN, I was also able to play games on my phone and text everyone in my address book, whether they were awake or not.

Once we were called to board, B33, the lines went quickly and efficiently. I found a seat on the plane about half way toward the back, just over the wing on the aisle. I made eye contact with one of my flight attendants, who made his way over from the emergency row and asked for a seat belt extender. It makes me sad to admit that I need one, but it's just another reason to work towards never needing one again. He was super friendly, he asked me my name and told me his and right before we started to taxi down the runway he handed the extender to me and told me to have a great flight.

Not long after take off my eyes began to drop so I plugged my Ipod in and slipped into a happy slumber. Before I knew it I was awake again and looking at the time I noticed it was almost 9 and then the flight attendant announced that we needed to stow all electronic devices and prepare for landing. After that I heard a little boy in the aisle across from me begin to fuss, so I turned on my Disney charm and started playing peek a boo with him, which caused him to begin to giggle. Not long after we touched down which caused his big sister to awake. She looked up at me and gave me a big smile hello and I said welcome to St. Louis Princess. This began a conversation with the family, totally Disney style. I even have the magic 1,000 miles from home.

We said our goodbyes and headed off the plane to make a pit stop and then as soon as I excited the Terminal two of my BFF's were waiting to take me to Breakfast.  We had a great time starting to get caught up over breakfast at the City Diner and then we headed to my past, the house I grew up in, the house my big brother and my bff-sis now own. Driving up the street seemed strange after being away for two years. So many memories, such happy times.

I was happily greeted by my nephew and then my brother, hugs and laughter abounded. We spent time reminiscing a bit before my Niece arrived and we headed out on a culinary tour. White Castle, Jack in the Box and Lion's Choice were selected for samples. Little did we know we would being eating dinner a short time later at Red Robin. Yum!

After stuffing our bellies we rolled back to the house to hangout, when we discovered a computer issue and so me and my sis were off to Best Buy. When returning home my Sis's mom came by for an hour or so and much laughter filled the house.

Which brings me to this time and place... I am no longer anxious for tomorrow to come because it is almost here. I am ready to face the past and how others viewed me than and show them who I am now. I am so ready!

Love, peace and Back to the Future!

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