Day 201 of 365

Pain in the hips and ankles and feet, these are the things I was suffering from today. I had another appointment with the acupuncturist and I have to explain the best way I can what it felt like since so many of my friends ask me what it is like.

So, when you go in you lay on a message table but it is covered in white sheets and there is two pillows for your head and a pillow to elevate your legs. Today it was especially uncomfortable due to the hip pain and so my body over all just felt tight. The acupuncturist does her thing to determine how many needles you will need and where they go by asking your body a series of questions. (I know it sounds strange but it's fascinating)

Then she preps the areas that will get needles. I believe it's rubbing alcohol to clean the areas. I lost track how many places she cleaned on my feet, ankles, legs, hands and forearms but I know I got the one in my forehead again. When she began to put the needles in I knew this was going to be an interesting session because I was feeling slight discomfort. Apparently my body was being hypersensitive today, because honestly the other times it never really hurt.

As soon as she began to put the needles in my right foot and ankle I began to feel a slight tightening in my leg and I could feel almost an energy going through it. Then after she was done putting in the needles she left me to rest. As I laid there I tried to clear my mind and just let my body rest and slowly I felt my right leg relax and almost flop to the side, like something in my hip just finally released.

Now this is the part where some people freak out and I do to a little each time it happens. I lay with my arms at my sides during treatments and today my right arm decided it was a good day to spasm two or three times, I don't recall exactly because even with the needles in you sometimes it's just nice to lay there and relax and listen to the soothing music and many times I pray before the peace washes over me.

I don't know how long I was laying there but before I knew it, she was back in the room, removing the needles and messaging my arms and it was over. It isn't for everyone but when you suffer from pain, whether it is from arthritis, sinuses, carpal tunnel, sciatica or headaches and you feel like you have tried everything, it never hurts to try something less evasive than surgery. 

Love, peace and a healthy life

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