Day 200 of 365

Who is the real you? Are you the Monday through Friday workaholic? Or are you the wild and crazy life of the party? Or are you the quiet and inner thinking person? We are all a combination and depending on the situation that is put before us we change. At work I am the crazy attention seeking clown, with some friends I am the comedy relief, with some I'm the planner; when I am home I am dutiful daughter or the introspective writer.

The great thing is we don't have to be just one person as long as we are true to ourselves. Each of those sides of me are all who I am. When I was younger my friends parents used to ask if I had to take my batteries out and recharge them, because I had so much energy. But they only saw me in that way. Most of the time we have those multiple sides to ourselves because it's a form of protection.  We are afraid if others see the weirdness in us or the quietness in us or the sadness in us than they will reject us.

I began this blog as a challenge to myself to stay with something for more than a little bit, but now I am realizing more about myself than I probably would have ever realized. Ever since I was little I had this I am the boss mentality, ask my friends from elementary school. If I was the center of attention it was because I created the attention so than they couldn't make fun of me. And now that I am older it is the same thing I do now to protect myself.

Even all these years later I still feel as though I need to protect myself...

love, peace and take a deep breath...

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