Day 199 of 365

Not much for excitement today, just another day in the magical land of Disney. Had a great evening training a new cast member. Got to practice my four words I know in Portuguese, since the Brazilians just kept coming, and got to end the night with a bang by watching Illuminations with my trainee. I love when guests see us doing fun things, like playing with plush (stuffed animals) and we ask them, "Can you believe they actually pay me to do this?" Normally the guests get a good chuckle out of it and sometimes they ask how they can get a job like that too.

I am anxiously awaiting my reunion on Saturday and tonight my trainee reminded me what a cool job I truly have. For awhile I have been stressing about going to see all of these former classmates and how many of them work as lawyers or doctors or make a ton of money and have big homes and families and how do I compete with my hourly job as a retail trainer? I know it's petty but we can all get that way at times. Well, then my trainee and I were talking on the way out and I had one of those Disney moments*.

*Disney moment is a time that happens every few months or so where out of the blue the thought hits you, :I work for Mickey Mouse! I live in Florida and work for Disney. I get paid to play and make magic."

I shouldn't be ashamed of my job or the fact that I don't make as much as some of those others do or that they have families and I am still single. 

1. I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to bring happiness and joy to people from all over the world, and it doesn't matter if we don't all speak the same language because our mutual love and admiration for Mickey crosses all barriers, language or otherwise.
2. The right guys hasn't found me yet. I don't have to settle for the first guy that comes along, I deserve to be choosy or who I am going to spend the rest of life with. 

Love, peace and be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished and know that it isn't over yet, the best is yet to come!

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