Day 196 of 365

I love those days where you can spend a little time and sit with members of your team and have time to let loose and laugh and enjoy being together. I realize as I look back on some of the conversations we had today, so many times we spend too much of our lives complaining about things... How people behave, how circumstances are bad, what we dislike about how things are being done. We end up wasting so much of our lives complaining that we can miss out on the joys in our lives. 

For the first half of this year I spent a lot of time complaining about my problems, now I want to try and share more joys in this second half. I believe if we focus on the happiness and the joys everyday, our days will be better and so will our over all well being.

Even when we go through what we feel is our hardest day, we have got to realize that it was only one moment in time and we can't let that one moment ruin our lives.

So take some time each day to talk about the joys in your life, the things that make you smile or laugh or laugh so hard you snort. It could be anything, even something as silly as doing your own version of the duck dance... ;-)

Love, peace and laughter
Find your inner joy and let it out!

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