Day 194 of 365

What a long and amazing day it was. So after five years, I was reunited with 5 of my original youth group members and my youth pastor and my pastor in Daytona. This morning Mom and I made the hour and half drive up to Daytona to take part in the last day of Student Life at the Beach 2012. We didn't make it for the morning service, but we met up with the group for lunch just as the skies decided to open wide and pour out over the coast.

To get across the road to the restaurant we put on trash bags and scurried across the busy street, stopping for cross walk lights of course. My favorite part was waiting to cross, when a car came speeding by and drove directly through the two feet of water on the side of the road sending brown dirty water up at us. Thankfully we were wearing our "tailor made" Hilton special trash bag rain ponchos so all that really got wet was our legs. Which was still gross.

After a BBQ inspired lunch it was off to the beach to ride the waves, and waves they were a plenty. At one point we saw dolphins playing out in the distance. I believe they were protecting us from a greater danger sharks) but we will just say they were playing in case there are children reading. ;)

After an hour of wave hopping, which I believe is more aerobic than the Wii fit and should be a new Olympic sport, we headed into the hotel to get ready for dinner. Mmmm pizza. After pizza there was a photo opp of all of the youth and leaders, thirty-five in all. I was the professional photographer on hand and, you know after surviving my attempt at base jumping off the work stairs this past week, I thought I would laugh in the face of danger and I stood on a chair to take the giant group shot.

Then a group of us hustled across to the civic center across the street to help get seats for the nights service. It was a nice time to get caught up with the youth pastor. Once the doors were opened the mad dash was on for the kids for close seats, while we leisurely walked in behind to sit in our chosen row. As the next hour past the rest of our group joined us as we anxiously awaited the last evening worship service for the camp week.

The service was incredible, the music amazing as Chris Tomlin always is and the preaching really hit home for us. If you ever have a chance to hear Louie Giglio, he really knows how to bring God's word to life through practical teaching. The time flew by so quickly that before we knew it we were headed back to the hotel to have the final meeting of the night. And since it is now 3:20am and my eyes are dropping I must meditate on my eye lids and collect my thoughts for the next 6-8 hours and I will finish the story tomorrow.

Love, peace and sweet dreams

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