Day 193 of 365

I heard from a friend of mine that haven't heard from in months. She was out on medical leave and now she is back home with her family in her home state, where she has wanted to be since she came to Florida. Her health isn't the best but she is back with her Doctor as well, so i will continue to pray for her.

God only gives us what we can handle and I know He is with her helping her handle what lies ahead. For someone so young she is facing a huge illness and I am so glad she was able to get home so she doesn't have to face it alone anymore. Her friends here have tried to do whats best for her, but nothing is ever the same as family.

Not to short change friends at all, because when family is thousands of miles away your friends are your family. I thank God every day for the friends I have made here in Florida because for almost three years they were my family and we took and still do take care of each other.

Love, peace and hold your friends close...

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