Day 192 of 365

So I have been struggling with getting exercise in this week but you know what, I have been doing pretty good at not over indulging. I have minimized my snacking thanks to crafting and blogging. When I get on the scale the number seems frozen but when I look at myself in the mirror I am starting to see subtle changes. When I start to lose weight I start to notice it in my face and neck first, and I am starting to see a slight difference. 

I have a friend that has recently lost an amazing 22 pounds and is looking fantastic but sadly I didn't notice it until she said something. The problem is that when you see people on a regular basis you don't always notice things like you should. So, my friend I am truly sorry. You do look great and keep up the good work!

I am being reminded about so many things that I learned in all the time I spent in Weight Watcher's meetings and my health coach appointments. I just need to put them back into practice. I am ready to kiss the fat me goodbye and embrace my inner skinny girl. I not only plan on crossing that 5K finish line in under an hour, I plan on doing it in a smaller body.

Love, peace and believe in yourself!

What's next?  Make some short term goals...

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