Day 189 of 365

Sometimes in life you come to place where you just decide, OK no matter what today brings good or bad I am going to face it head on and make the best of every moment. I have written about my Safety class many times and how bored cast can get in it; well I taught it twice today and both classes left smiling and more educated on how important safety is for themselves and the guests that they serve.  If I bring the same excitement and passion to Safety as I do to train the trainer or my everyday regular cast training, then I see cast really understanding why safety is truly important and not just tag line they are taught.

I want to set an example to my fellow cast, of course falling down the steps a few days ago is not the example I am referring to, but the fact that I called out for help when it happened and didn't try and blow it off like I am guilty of doing in the past. (falling in front of Test Track backstage rings a bell) And yes, I will repeat, I was holding the handrail when I missed the step... So until it's my turn to move forward, I will continue to stay positive and not only educate the cast about safety but continue to learn new things myself; about being safe.

With that being said, I know the weather has been crazy all over the U.S. lately and this is true not only for those of us in Florida, but it rings true everywhere else. Please drink your water.... First thing in the morning before you start your day get yourself hydrated. Try and avoid caffeine if at all possible and if you can't make sure you are also including water. At work we like to say, "Don't wait to Hydrate." By the time you feel thirsty it's usually too late; you are already dehydrated.

Love, peace and SafeD

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