Day 185 of 365

It must be a full moon...

Today I tried to fly...It wasn't on purpose either. I was walking down the stairs in one of our merchandise locations and misjudged the bottom step and before I knew it I was airborne and then crash landing. When I opened my eyes I was on my hands and knees and I heard a voice call down if I was OK. My response was I fell and then the tears came. The next few moments were a blur of voices and faces and hands helping me to sit on the stairs. I totally appreciate my two team members that got me laughing and trying to forget that my knee hurt and that I felt like a totally idiot for falling and also that they insist that I go to health services to get it checked out after the paramedics came.

I have some great friends and co-workers. I am so thankful for all of them as I have said before. They made a possible horrible situation into something where I felt safe and taken care of. It's so nice to know that when you are in need of help there are people there that you can rely on. After I got home I received many messages and a few calls from others checking on me. It's like I have said before, even though I am far away from most of my blood family and I am right here at home with my magic family.

Faith, trust and hugs

Note to self: Next time I try to fly, use more pixie dust or try it in a plane instead ;-)

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