Day 184 of 365

I love training the new trainers one on one because you really get to share with them the stories from your craziest stories working for the company; or your most moving stories as well. I often wonder if true life work stories would appeal to anyone else besides people that work at that place. But like everything else I am sure it's all in how it is written and what it stirs in it's readers to draw them to it time and again.

If I were to write my Disney stories or as I like to call them, adventures, I would have to write them just like I lived them, full out not holding back anything!

Something I have definitely learned in the past almost five years is to let loose and have fun and not care who is watching. I have belted out Birthday songs at the top of my lungs, had shoot outs with tiny pirates, bowed grandly to princesses and threw temper tantrums in front of long lined attractions and haven't regretted or worried what other thought of me and still don't. I am helping create magical memories for my guests and my cast.

Love, peace and I'm a work in progress

And thank you for those of you that have been asking how training is going. I am working on being more sensible with my eating. Also, I am trying to exercise daily. I have been swimming the past few days and when I can't do that I try to walk or do the wii fit. Keeping my eyes on the prize!

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