Day 183 of 365

Happy Canada Day!!! I had the pleasure of being invited to the Canada Pavilion's Celebration today. We had traditional Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, Papa John's Pizza, Coca-Cola, Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars and Nestea Canned Ice Tea. It was fun to see the cast members as well as the guests out in the park that were celebrating their countries heritage.

When I asked one of my Canadian friends what they do on Canada Day, he said they eat and party and end the night with fireworks. So it's basically like the 4th of July celebration in the US. Which totally reminds me of a funny story.

So last year one of my English college program cast members was sent to work on Main Street USA for the 4th of July, so she put on an I'm Celebrating button and she wrote on it, "My 1st 4th of July!" As she was waving to guests going in and out of the park, one guest stopped to talk with her. They where from "Anytown, USA" and we talking about their day when they noticed her button and could not believe she had never celebrated a 4th of July. They asked where she was from and when she said England, the guest actually asked, "well, why wouldn't you celebrate the US independence?" I know it is not nice but this is the time I wish the cast member could have said, "Here's your sign, sir." We all joke that people leave their brains in the car when they go on vacation, but sometimes we wonder if they have one at all....

So, i hope you had a great Canada Day and if you didn't, then you missed out on another reason to eat drink and have fun during the summer.

Love, peace and Cheese Soup Eh!

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