Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 213 of 365

You can't fix stupid.... ;)

I have spent so much of my life being a people pleaser. I am the one that settles arguments even when I may not be the one that started it,  I agree to do things for people or I go with what they want to do; as not to upset anyone, I have done things in my life to make others feel more comfortable and accepted even when it has gone against everything I believed. It's crazy to think that I have wasted so much emotion and energy trying to make everyone else happy and not worry about my own happiness.

When the end comes and I have to give a report for my life I don't want to say I wish I would have lived more for what I believed, rather than what others believed for me. Do I regret things I have done in my life? I try not to because those things that happened made me who I am now.

Love, peace and finding peace in myself

Some people try to listen to the bottom of a bottle
Some people try to listen to a needle in their arm
Some people try to listen to the money in their pocket
Some people try to listen to another's arms

You and I are not that different
We got a void and we're just trying to fill it up
With something that will give just a little peace
All we want is a hand to reach to
Open arms that say I love you
We'd give anything to hear
The voice of a Savior

Some people try to find it with blind ambition
Some people try to find it where no one else has gone
Some people try to find it in the crowns of victory
Some people get defeated and lose the strength to carry on

Some people try to find it in the shadow of a steeple
Some people try to find it in the back row pew
Some people try to find it in the arms of Jesus
That's where I found it, how about you?


Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 212 of 365

I may offend or upset a few people with this but, when did we become such a people of political correctness? Where people are no longer allowed to have their own opinions about things without being threatened with law suits or boycotts or splits in friendships or families, or being called racist or intolerant or hater?

If I say I don't like the President, that I don't like his policies and the job he has done and the decisions he has made for our country or what he has said about our country... I am called a racist.

If I say I love chicken sandwiches from Chick-a-fil and will continue to frequent their restaurant... I am said to be a supporter of a Gay bashing company

If I eat Campbell's Soup while surfing Google on my Apple computer... I am a supporter of Gay marriage.

I am human, I am an American, the constitution says I am allowed Free Speech. So I have the right to my opinion. It doesn't matter where I eat or where I shop, my beliefs are mine and I shouldn't be afraid to voice them, when it's appropriate. I also shouldn't have to push my way through a picket line to eat a meal.

I go back to my blog yesterday. TLC, Take it, Leave it, Change it.

You can Take what has happened and weigh how you feel about it and except it or reject it.
You can choose to Leave that establishment, no one is forcing you to go there.
Or you can Change, look at it from all sides of the arguments, don't make a snap judgement based on everyone else's opinion and anger. Before you jump on the bandwagon take a second and step back and look at the facts. This reminds me of a great true story about us becoming too politically correct.

(names have been changed to protect the guilty, and before anyone gets on me for this, one of my black friends (she doesn't like the term African American) thought this was hilarious)

While working one day, Bob went looking for worker Pierre. In the store there were two Pierre that were both from France, one was black and one was white. Bob approached Sally, who was black, and asked, "Have you seen Black Pierre?" Her response with an attitude was, "Don't you mean African American Pierre?"  To which Bob replied, "No, I mean Black French Pierre."

Do you see how crazy we are getting as a nation? Also, why is it such a big deal for people to come out to the world? If you love someone why does it have to be public knowledge?  I know there will be people mad at me for this, but honestly I don't care.  I am tired of having to apologize for every little thing I say or do.  I am tired of the media making these celebrities head line stories. I don't need to know that Kristen is cheating on Robert, or Anderson Cooper is Gay, or Tom and Katie are getting divorced.  If you love this person, that's your personal life, if you cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or lover, again that is your personal life! What are we teaching our children? If people are that interested in what I am doing every second of the day than I am gonna start posting every second of my day on Facebook. My status updates might look like this:

woke up after alarm, no time to brush my teeth... 8:15am

picking up friends to hang at the park... 9:01am

my stomach is really hurting, need some pepto, no more food from taco barn... 12:23pm

saw a hot german, wonder if he likes Cougars? 2:23pm

Hot German gay, wonder if he needs a shopping buddy. 2:25pm

Can't wait for this day to be over so I can catch up on Facebook. 3:45pm

Just kidding about last post I am having so much fun with my friends... 3:46pm

Or better yet I will tweet it all but also link my tweets to Facebook to save time!!! I know I am going to upset some people with this but, if you decide to come out that is your choice, but can someone explain to me why you think you need to share that with the world?  It's one thing to share it with friends and family but to post it for the whole world to see? Why is that? Live your life, love yourself and be who you want to be. If you truly didn't care what others think you wouldn't need to make such a big deal out of it. The ones that love you the most will stick by you no matter what and the rest that don't, that's their burden to bare not yours.
Love, Peace and Live your life, love yourself and be who you want to be...I am

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Day 211 of 365

 I received some great advice from a friend when it comes to dealing with people:

“In every situation when you are dealing with an unpleasant person, you always have 3 choices,  call them TLC.    

You can Take It – “for this particular moment in  time, I can let this pass, it will not be important in a year”
You can Leave It – “this relationship, encounter, person is just not worth my time and energy. I am walking away”

You can Change It – “I can advise this person of the consequences I will impose the next time this happens, i.e., will walk away or I change my response”

I think this is the same for everyday situations...

When things get rough or complicated you can Take it, Leave it or Change it. 
Those are the choices you get in life. Once you've made your decision live it out loud and don't look back. 

Love, peace and live out loud...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 210 of 365

I finally got to see the end of the Olympic opening after work today. All I can say is wow. The torch lighting was amazing; it was very touching to see Muhammad Ali symbolically pass the Olympic Flag and sweet at how Sir John McCartney got chocked up as he began singing "Hey Jude. " I honestly don't remember being this excited about the Summer Olympics but today at lunch we were all crowded around the TV watching of all things Archery. It was so enjoyable though because we were all really getting into it. When we started watching it, it was between Women's Basketball and Men's Team Archery. From the first 10 point shot we were drawn in.
We saw South Korea win the Bronze and then we watched the US compete against Italy for the Gold. It was crazy because when you think of Olympic Athletes you think thin and athletic, but when we saw the teams competing that wasn't necessarily the case.  It made me excited to know that not all Olympic athletes have to be super thin, and this is a sport people of all sizes and ages can compete.

The first world record of the 2012 Olympics was made yesterday before the opening ceremonies. South Korean Archer Im Dong Hyun, who is legally blind, posted a score of 699, breaking his own record of 72 Arrows. (pictured to the left)

If this doesn't encourage you to get past your own personal limitations I don't know what will. I'm too fat, I'm too young, I'm too old, I'm too uncoordinated, I'm too busy... He didn't listen to those words in his head and neither should you.

Love, peace and Bulls-eye!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Day 209 of 365

I heard a great quote today and then of course I had to add my spin on it. The quote came from a new movie called, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green." A coach asks him why he is smiling and Timothy's response is, "I can only get better." Isn't that what all of our answers should be when we mess up at something or we aren't good at it right off from the beginning. Instead of whining and complaining that something is too hard or saying I can't do it... Wouldn't it be better if we tell ourselves, I can only get better.

Instead of getting down on ourselves when, for instance, if I have a pig out night, I can stop and say I can't do any worse than I did today, tomorrow I can do better. Maybe when we are trying to teach someone something that they aren't really grasping we can tell them, they are going to get better. Again putting a positive spin on it.

I have a very close friend that has been frustrated lately about the lack of time we have had to spend together, all I can say is things have been crazy this summer but if you are patient, things will get better. ;-)

Love, peace and don't give up, it can only get better...

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 208 of 365

It is so nice to be back to my regular day to day. I love going on vacation but coming home is nice too. I loved being back at work yesterday and out with my team tonight. It's nice that we get these opportunities to hangout now and then.

Well, earlier to day my car broke down and we had to call AAA. The nice guy came out and checked everything out and even brought us ice water.  It turns out that the battery posts needed a little cleaning up and now the car is running fine. Thank God we didn't have to spend the extra money on a new battery.

I have been feeling a little achy today so I think it is time to say goodnight.

Love, peace and sweet dreams

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 207 of 365

I experienced my first professional back massage today. All I can say is.... Amazing. There was a health fair at work today and so my shadow and I explored and learned some great information on how to get ourselves healthy and we each got a 10 minute back massage. Another check off of my wish list!

Another thing I learned was my muscle mass index and my nasty BMI, but it was good to see these numbers. It put them in my face and made me really aware of how bad things have truly gotten. I also had my BP checked, the top number was good but the bottom number, not so good. I am at my highest weight ever and it has to stop now.

So, my new mantra is to the left. :) I am not saying I won't indulge now and then but it can't be everyday. I need to go back to being sensible with my eating and get off my tush.

So, I a,m challenging all of my readers to the following...
1. Find at least 10 minutes each day to raise your heart rate.
2. Enjoy the food you are eating, don't rush your meal. Savor every bite
3. Do at least one thing for yourself each day!

When you do all three of these things, you will truly find yourself FED.

Love, peace and do it for you and no one else...

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 206 of 365

So I had an interesting thing happen as I was boarding the plane tonight... As I was half way down the gang way the gentleman checking tickets called me back and asked if I had ever been on their airline before and if I am able to sit with both armrests down. The old me would have been insulted and hurt by this remark but I simply turned back with a smile and said, "I understand, and yes I have no issues." Then I went merrily on my way to find a seat. 

My trip home has officially come to an end and I have gone through many emotions while here; happy, confused, bewildered, crazed, sad, delirious, pained, hunger hurt, ecstatic and content.  I saw many people that I didn’t know if I would ever see again and honestly some I kind of hoped I wouldn’t. ;-)

My brother and Sister-in-law were very gracious hosts and I appreciate all they did for me and for allowing me to stay with them for the extended weekend. I am so glad I was able to spend time with several of my nieces and nephews and get reconnected with them. It’s really hard even with modern technology to keep up with all that they do and it was really special to get a little one on one time with a few of them. 

I have plans already to return sometime next year and I am not going to focus on all the different foods I need to eat while I am there, but on all the different people I need to spend time with. 

Peace, love and it's good to be home

Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 205 of 365

My trip home is quickly coming to a close and I have had a really great time with my family and friends. I have learned so important things along the way as well....

1. If you have special food you crave that you can at only get at home, then try and eat that special food and enjoy it while visiting home, savor it and don't dog yourself for it later. This a treat!

2. When you are staying with your family or even with friends, be sure to offer to help with things and don't expect anyone to wait on you hand and foot or entertain you non stop. You aren't the Queen Mum and they aren't your servants.

3. You can't change the past... Who I was 20 years ago is not the person I am now, and that doesn't mean that other person you knew back then is the same person they were either, but amazingly enough some people can be. Just move forward and except them for who they are (still) and appreciate the person you have become.

4. There are no do overs in life... If you argued with someone over something in the past and that person says let bygones be bygones and don't keep dredging things up. If they don't remember what the original disagreement was and you do, LET IT GO.... Life is too short to waste it on worrying about things of the past.

5. Don't Assume anything... I assumed my job was going to be perceived as lame because I don't make a lot of money and I am not some successful, rich person. In reality, more people asked me about my job, because they have seen how happy it makes me and they want to understand what it is like and how I can be so happy doing it.

Sometimes you just have to face these challenges, like seeing people you haven't seen in 20 years, head on. They can make one of two decisions about you. They can chose to talk to you or they can chose not to. But remember, if they chose not to, it's their loss.

Love, peace and Move forward...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 204 of 365

I woke up a little worse for the wear this morning. After a great day of visiting with remembered friends at the Reunion and than worshiping with remembered family at church I had a tremendously enjoyable evening with my brother, sis-in-law, niece and her boyfriend. So I have to apologize for the less than acceptable blog...

It's amazing what forgiveness and moving on will do for you. I know many past friendships were mended yesterday and renewed. I am so excited to know that some of my best gal pals from high school really want to stay in touch this time around.

Today I had the great pleasure of meeting my brand new (6 weeks last Thursday) Great Niece. She is so beautiful and it was such a joy to get to hold her and snuggle with her. My Niece is such a good Mom and we all love her so much.

I have to thank my other sister-in-law for taking care of me, since my Mom is at home on FL. I was suffering a severe migraine again today and she made sure we nipped it so I can enjoy the time with my family. I am so blessed to have such an amazing set of Sister-in-laws. Being the only girl growing up with two older brothers wasn't always easy but getting two Sisters out of it was worth it.

When you are younger you really don't appreciate your siblings like you should and I have to say I was one of them. One brother was out of the house by the time I was 8 and the other was in and out of the house for years. Now that we are adults its nice to get to know them as more than brothers. I know that if one of us is in need the others are there for support or a crazy night with Llamas... ;)

When we are young we always are wishing away our youth hoping for when we are older, when we are older we are wishing for those days of yesteryear. Let's just try and enjoy the present and live each moment as they come, because you don't ever know when that moment could be your last. 

Love, peace and enjoy the now...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 203 of 365

What a great day! The day started with Breakfast and to my surprise, two of my friends we there to join us! Then we headed toward our alma mater for a tour. It was incredible to see all of my former classmates and a little surreal. But I reconnected with some great people. 

It's been a long day and I saw some more amazing people when I returned to Sanctuary, my home church, and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.

Love, peace and Back to the Future...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 202 of 365

What a day...It began way too early, 4am Eastern Time early, a mere 5 hours after going to bed. I sprang to work finishing packing and getting ready to leave on my adventure that would bring me to St. Louis. I had the perfect experience getting through OIA, the TSA agent even thought she had seen me earlier in the week. I told her I hadn't been in a plane in a few months, it must have been my doppelganger. We both laughed and I moved onto the Que where I was escorted to the shortest line and was through within minutes. The train quickly arrived and whisked me to my terminal.

I love the A Terminal, they have cushy chairs that have plugs so you can charge your electronics so as I watched the horrific news of the shooting in Colorado over and over again on HLN, I was also able to play games on my phone and text everyone in my address book, whether they were awake or not.

Once we were called to board, B33, the lines went quickly and efficiently. I found a seat on the plane about half way toward the back, just over the wing on the aisle. I made eye contact with one of my flight attendants, who made his way over from the emergency row and asked for a seat belt extender. It makes me sad to admit that I need one, but it's just another reason to work towards never needing one again. He was super friendly, he asked me my name and told me his and right before we started to taxi down the runway he handed the extender to me and told me to have a great flight.

Not long after take off my eyes began to drop so I plugged my Ipod in and slipped into a happy slumber. Before I knew it I was awake again and looking at the time I noticed it was almost 9 and then the flight attendant announced that we needed to stow all electronic devices and prepare for landing. After that I heard a little boy in the aisle across from me begin to fuss, so I turned on my Disney charm and started playing peek a boo with him, which caused him to begin to giggle. Not long after we touched down which caused his big sister to awake. She looked up at me and gave me a big smile hello and I said welcome to St. Louis Princess. This began a conversation with the family, totally Disney style. I even have the magic 1,000 miles from home.

We said our goodbyes and headed off the plane to make a pit stop and then as soon as I excited the Terminal two of my BFF's were waiting to take me to Breakfast.  We had a great time starting to get caught up over breakfast at the City Diner and then we headed to my past, the house I grew up in, the house my big brother and my bff-sis now own. Driving up the street seemed strange after being away for two years. So many memories, such happy times.

I was happily greeted by my nephew and then my brother, hugs and laughter abounded. We spent time reminiscing a bit before my Niece arrived and we headed out on a culinary tour. White Castle, Jack in the Box and Lion's Choice were selected for samples. Little did we know we would being eating dinner a short time later at Red Robin. Yum!

After stuffing our bellies we rolled back to the house to hangout, when we discovered a computer issue and so me and my sis were off to Best Buy. When returning home my Sis's mom came by for an hour or so and much laughter filled the house.

Which brings me to this time and place... I am no longer anxious for tomorrow to come because it is almost here. I am ready to face the past and how others viewed me than and show them who I am now. I am so ready!

Love, peace and Back to the Future!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day 201 of 365

Pain in the hips and ankles and feet, these are the things I was suffering from today. I had another appointment with the acupuncturist and I have to explain the best way I can what it felt like since so many of my friends ask me what it is like.

So, when you go in you lay on a message table but it is covered in white sheets and there is two pillows for your head and a pillow to elevate your legs. Today it was especially uncomfortable due to the hip pain and so my body over all just felt tight. The acupuncturist does her thing to determine how many needles you will need and where they go by asking your body a series of questions. (I know it sounds strange but it's fascinating)

Then she preps the areas that will get needles. I believe it's rubbing alcohol to clean the areas. I lost track how many places she cleaned on my feet, ankles, legs, hands and forearms but I know I got the one in my forehead again. When she began to put the needles in I knew this was going to be an interesting session because I was feeling slight discomfort. Apparently my body was being hypersensitive today, because honestly the other times it never really hurt.

As soon as she began to put the needles in my right foot and ankle I began to feel a slight tightening in my leg and I could feel almost an energy going through it. Then after she was done putting in the needles she left me to rest. As I laid there I tried to clear my mind and just let my body rest and slowly I felt my right leg relax and almost flop to the side, like something in my hip just finally released.

Now this is the part where some people freak out and I do to a little each time it happens. I lay with my arms at my sides during treatments and today my right arm decided it was a good day to spasm two or three times, I don't recall exactly because even with the needles in you sometimes it's just nice to lay there and relax and listen to the soothing music and many times I pray before the peace washes over me.

I don't know how long I was laying there but before I knew it, she was back in the room, removing the needles and messaging my arms and it was over. It isn't for everyone but when you suffer from pain, whether it is from arthritis, sinuses, carpal tunnel, sciatica or headaches and you feel like you have tried everything, it never hurts to try something less evasive than surgery. 

Love, peace and a healthy life

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day 200 of 365

Who is the real you? Are you the Monday through Friday workaholic? Or are you the wild and crazy life of the party? Or are you the quiet and inner thinking person? We are all a combination and depending on the situation that is put before us we change. At work I am the crazy attention seeking clown, with some friends I am the comedy relief, with some I'm the planner; when I am home I am dutiful daughter or the introspective writer.

The great thing is we don't have to be just one person as long as we are true to ourselves. Each of those sides of me are all who I am. When I was younger my friends parents used to ask if I had to take my batteries out and recharge them, because I had so much energy. But they only saw me in that way. Most of the time we have those multiple sides to ourselves because it's a form of protection.  We are afraid if others see the weirdness in us or the quietness in us or the sadness in us than they will reject us.

I began this blog as a challenge to myself to stay with something for more than a little bit, but now I am realizing more about myself than I probably would have ever realized. Ever since I was little I had this I am the boss mentality, ask my friends from elementary school. If I was the center of attention it was because I created the attention so than they couldn't make fun of me. And now that I am older it is the same thing I do now to protect myself.

Even all these years later I still feel as though I need to protect myself...

love, peace and take a deep breath...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 199 of 365

Not much for excitement today, just another day in the magical land of Disney. Had a great evening training a new cast member. Got to practice my four words I know in Portuguese, since the Brazilians just kept coming, and got to end the night with a bang by watching Illuminations with my trainee. I love when guests see us doing fun things, like playing with plush (stuffed animals) and we ask them, "Can you believe they actually pay me to do this?" Normally the guests get a good chuckle out of it and sometimes they ask how they can get a job like that too.

I am anxiously awaiting my reunion on Saturday and tonight my trainee reminded me what a cool job I truly have. For awhile I have been stressing about going to see all of these former classmates and how many of them work as lawyers or doctors or make a ton of money and have big homes and families and how do I compete with my hourly job as a retail trainer? I know it's petty but we can all get that way at times. Well, then my trainee and I were talking on the way out and I had one of those Disney moments*.

*Disney moment is a time that happens every few months or so where out of the blue the thought hits you, :I work for Mickey Mouse! I live in Florida and work for Disney. I get paid to play and make magic."

I shouldn't be ashamed of my job or the fact that I don't make as much as some of those others do or that they have families and I am still single. 

1. I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to bring happiness and joy to people from all over the world, and it doesn't matter if we don't all speak the same language because our mutual love and admiration for Mickey crosses all barriers, language or otherwise.
2. The right guys hasn't found me yet. I don't have to settle for the first guy that comes along, I deserve to be choosy or who I am going to spend the rest of life with. 

Love, peace and be proud of who you are and what you have accomplished and know that it isn't over yet, the best is yet to come!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198 of 365

Can't understand why people that don't do their job get away with it and the rest of us are left behind to clean up their mess. Why they aren't held up to the same standards as everyone else and having to be accountable for what they do. All I know is that I will not continue to clean up their mess any longer. They will be held accountable and have to give an answer for why things didn't get completed like they were supposed to. 

A friend of mine said something very insightful the other day. They told me when it comes to people like this, I may have to work with them, but I don't have to be personal with them. I come in and do my job and nothing more when dealing with that person or persons.

Now that I have that out of my system, I had a great day. Heard another great story from a trainee today and their journey to becoming a cast member. It amazes me how people just open up and share things that you wouldn't always share with someone you just met or have only known a short time. I feel truly blessed that people feel like they can trust me and feel comfortable sharing with me. I feel like the Barbara Walters of Disney. "If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?"

Love, peace and keep sharing please

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Day 197 of 365

I love the training days when I get to see my fellow trainers with their new Cast Members. It's fun to get to meet the new cast that will be working over the next months and year. Four members of our Team were able to meet with our trainees for lunch and when we were there so were most of our World Show Case trainers as well. At one point I was over talking with our Mexico trainers when I heard giggling and laughter coming from behind me, only to turn around and see it was coming from my team. As I turned to come back one of them mocked me and pointed to a random table and said, "Why don't you go talk to that table too?" I said that the other table were attraction cast members that I didn't know, his response was something about you didn't know all of our trainees but you talked to them and I replied I didn't want to talk to them. We all started laughing and I sat back down. After a few minutes we decided it was time to head back to our respective areas and as I turned to look at the table they had pointed out before that I said I didn't know, ironically enough, I did know them. LOL!

Looking at the joys in my day, makes the day seem much better and you know what? It wasn't that bad anyway...

Love, peace and take time to make the magic!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Day 196 of 365

I love those days where you can spend a little time and sit with members of your team and have time to let loose and laugh and enjoy being together. I realize as I look back on some of the conversations we had today, so many times we spend too much of our lives complaining about things... How people behave, how circumstances are bad, what we dislike about how things are being done. We end up wasting so much of our lives complaining that we can miss out on the joys in our lives. 

For the first half of this year I spent a lot of time complaining about my problems, now I want to try and share more joys in this second half. I believe if we focus on the happiness and the joys everyday, our days will be better and so will our over all well being.

Even when we go through what we feel is our hardest day, we have got to realize that it was only one moment in time and we can't let that one moment ruin our lives.

So take some time each day to talk about the joys in your life, the things that make you smile or laugh or laugh so hard you snort. It could be anything, even something as silly as doing your own version of the duck dance... ;-)

Love, peace and laughter
Find your inner joy and let it out!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 195 of 365

So back to last night...

We all gathered in a conference room over looking the ocean and sat in a huge circle. There were My mom and I and 22 youth and 13 leaders present. It was sharing time for the week. You see the youth group traveled for over 20 hours in a charter bus from St. Louis to Daytona to come to Church Camp. When I was a leader with the same church group, we had made our first trip to Daytona in 2005. Now, over 7 years later I am back in a room that is familiar with a group of kids that aren't but they are excepting me being there as if I have always been with them.

The night was full of emotion for everyone. These sweet teenagers opened their hearts out and weren't afraid of what people would say. It honestly blew me away, some of things that were shared and it made me hurt to know that they had carried this around with them for so long. Yet, I related to many on what they have been feeling and thankfully they are crying out now, while they are still young, so that they can get the help and support they need.

At one point I took a few moments to share my heart with the group and let them know they are not alone. That God is with them through the hard times and that they need to hold tight to the group. I wish I would have had a youth group like that when I was their age, but looking back now I also know that God had a plan all along for me, just like He has one for them.

I am really looking forward to seeing who will be at church next Saturday, June 21. I told them that if I can get to church from 1000 miles away, then they can get there from across town and I hoped to see each and everyone of them there.

Love, peace and see you next summer!

Day 194 of 365

What a long and amazing day it was. So after five years, I was reunited with 5 of my original youth group members and my youth pastor and my pastor in Daytona. This morning Mom and I made the hour and half drive up to Daytona to take part in the last day of Student Life at the Beach 2012. We didn't make it for the morning service, but we met up with the group for lunch just as the skies decided to open wide and pour out over the coast.

To get across the road to the restaurant we put on trash bags and scurried across the busy street, stopping for cross walk lights of course. My favorite part was waiting to cross, when a car came speeding by and drove directly through the two feet of water on the side of the road sending brown dirty water up at us. Thankfully we were wearing our "tailor made" Hilton special trash bag rain ponchos so all that really got wet was our legs. Which was still gross.

After a BBQ inspired lunch it was off to the beach to ride the waves, and waves they were a plenty. At one point we saw dolphins playing out in the distance. I believe they were protecting us from a greater danger sharks) but we will just say they were playing in case there are children reading. ;)

After an hour of wave hopping, which I believe is more aerobic than the Wii fit and should be a new Olympic sport, we headed into the hotel to get ready for dinner. Mmmm pizza. After pizza there was a photo opp of all of the youth and leaders, thirty-five in all. I was the professional photographer on hand and, you know after surviving my attempt at base jumping off the work stairs this past week, I thought I would laugh in the face of danger and I stood on a chair to take the giant group shot.

Then a group of us hustled across to the civic center across the street to help get seats for the nights service. It was a nice time to get caught up with the youth pastor. Once the doors were opened the mad dash was on for the kids for close seats, while we leisurely walked in behind to sit in our chosen row. As the next hour past the rest of our group joined us as we anxiously awaited the last evening worship service for the camp week.

The service was incredible, the music amazing as Chris Tomlin always is and the preaching really hit home for us. If you ever have a chance to hear Louie Giglio, he really knows how to bring God's word to life through practical teaching. The time flew by so quickly that before we knew it we were headed back to the hotel to have the final meeting of the night. And since it is now 3:20am and my eyes are dropping I must meditate on my eye lids and collect my thoughts for the next 6-8 hours and I will finish the story tomorrow.

Love, peace and sweet dreams

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 193 of 365

I heard from a friend of mine that haven't heard from in months. She was out on medical leave and now she is back home with her family in her home state, where she has wanted to be since she came to Florida. Her health isn't the best but she is back with her Doctor as well, so i will continue to pray for her.

God only gives us what we can handle and I know He is with her helping her handle what lies ahead. For someone so young she is facing a huge illness and I am so glad she was able to get home so she doesn't have to face it alone anymore. Her friends here have tried to do whats best for her, but nothing is ever the same as family.

Not to short change friends at all, because when family is thousands of miles away your friends are your family. I thank God every day for the friends I have made here in Florida because for almost three years they were my family and we took and still do take care of each other.

Love, peace and hold your friends close...

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 192 of 365

So I have been struggling with getting exercise in this week but you know what, I have been doing pretty good at not over indulging. I have minimized my snacking thanks to crafting and blogging. When I get on the scale the number seems frozen but when I look at myself in the mirror I am starting to see subtle changes. When I start to lose weight I start to notice it in my face and neck first, and I am starting to see a slight difference. 

I have a friend that has recently lost an amazing 22 pounds and is looking fantastic but sadly I didn't notice it until she said something. The problem is that when you see people on a regular basis you don't always notice things like you should. So, my friend I am truly sorry. You do look great and keep up the good work!

I am being reminded about so many things that I learned in all the time I spent in Weight Watcher's meetings and my health coach appointments. I just need to put them back into practice. I am ready to kiss the fat me goodbye and embrace my inner skinny girl. I not only plan on crossing that 5K finish line in under an hour, I plan on doing it in a smaller body.

Love, peace and believe in yourself!

What's next?  Make some short term goals...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 191 of 365

Today I was in my home location where I have trained many College Program cast members over the past 4 years. The first group that started in January of 2008 became like a second family to me. We went to the parks together and late night dinners after work, many called me Mama. When their programs ended I had to say goodbye and it was so hard. Tear were shed, email addresses exchanged and Facebook friends were added.

After the last of that group left I vowed to never get that attached again, and I really didn't end up with too many more that were as close as that group was.

These days I get moved from area to area, maybe getting to train a new cast member more than one day and then I am off again to another location. But as I stated at the beginning, I was back where it all started today training a new International Cast Member. As we walked the area we ended up in Strollers, my favorite place to work, and cast members I had trained months before started coming up and tell me that their programs were about to end. So I started saying my goodbyes and giving hugs; when one of my former trainees asked me to write in her book in the office. So while my current trainee was meeting with the leader I sat down with pen in hand and began to write my See ya Real Soon!

One of the first things I am always asked when I train a new CP or ICP (College Program or International College Program) cast member is if I ever did the program. Regrettably I never did, but to my defense I never knew about it. In honesty I have the utmost respect for these cast members, especially the ICPs. They are anywhere between 18 - 22 usually maybe a little older, and they decide to travel, in many cases to the other side of the world where some times they don't always speak the language very well, have no hands on knowledge of the currency and no family close by.

As I wrote my goodbye to the sweet cast member from the Netherlands I said something along these lines." I hope you enjoyed your time here and you learned a lot about great Guest Service, but most of all I hope you learned something about yourself. "

You can learn all of the facts about a place you visit, but at the end of the trip is that all you learned are a bunch of fact; or did you take in more than that? With every new cast member I train I learn a little bit more about myself. Over these past 4 years as a trainer I have learned Patience, Understanding, Compassion, did I mention Patience? 

So, for all of my "kids" past, present and future, you each have a special place in my memory. I may not be able to remember your name right off the bat at times, I mean come on, I train new Merch cast, new trainers and SIMs, but you all have made an impression on me great and small. You have helped mold me into the trainer I am today. 

Remember, we never say goodbye at Disney... We always say, See You Real Soon!

Love, Peace and once a cast member always a cast member

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 190 of 365

I hate when I have a day where I let someone else's mood or attitude get the best of me. I need to learn to let it go and not worry about what they do and just focus on what I need to get done. Let them think whatever they want to and if they have a problem, then it's their problem and not mine.

Not with that being said I will let it go and move forward, so thank you to Porip and Ms. Sugar Cane for allowing me to vent. You are great friends. (Big adventures await us...Maybe one that will take us around the world...)

As I was going through Pinterst tonight I saw this fantastic pin. I already feel like part of dreams have some true living where I am and working where I am, but there are other parts to my dream I want to see fulfilled.

I am a firm believer of writing a list of the things you would like to do or try in your lifetime and keeping track when they happen. I started my list last summer and I have done several things on it already...

Some of them were:
Eating at a raw bar - August 2011
Getting a Real Hidden Mickey Tattoo - February 2012
See World of Color - February 2012
Get acupuncture - May 2012
Go to a midnight showing of a Movie - June 2012
Go Blonde - May 2012

Some things still on my list:
Compete in a 5K
Do the zip line at Gatorland!
Go skinny dipping
Try Saki
Ride in a Helicopter
Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

No one but you says what goes on the list, that's what makes it yours. Live your life out loud! We only get one chance in this life, don't waste worrying about what others think of you, live your dreams!

Love, peace and never stop dreaming!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 189 of 365

Sometimes in life you come to place where you just decide, OK no matter what today brings good or bad I am going to face it head on and make the best of every moment. I have written about my Safety class many times and how bored cast can get in it; well I taught it twice today and both classes left smiling and more educated on how important safety is for themselves and the guests that they serve.  If I bring the same excitement and passion to Safety as I do to train the trainer or my everyday regular cast training, then I see cast really understanding why safety is truly important and not just tag line they are taught.

I want to set an example to my fellow cast, of course falling down the steps a few days ago is not the example I am referring to, but the fact that I called out for help when it happened and didn't try and blow it off like I am guilty of doing in the past. (falling in front of Test Track backstage rings a bell) And yes, I will repeat, I was holding the handrail when I missed the step... So until it's my turn to move forward, I will continue to stay positive and not only educate the cast about safety but continue to learn new things myself; about being safe.

With that being said, I know the weather has been crazy all over the U.S. lately and this is true not only for those of us in Florida, but it rings true everywhere else. Please drink your water.... First thing in the morning before you start your day get yourself hydrated. Try and avoid caffeine if at all possible and if you can't make sure you are also including water. At work we like to say, "Don't wait to Hydrate." By the time you feel thirsty it's usually too late; you are already dehydrated.

Love, peace and SafeD

Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 188 of 365

So the battle of the bulge continues. I did start the day with a swim and I did not over indulge today either. I helped mom move some bags of mulch and watered the hanging baskets. I saw the fantastic movie Brave and if you haven't seen it yet, it's an absolute must. I loved it so much I cried several times. It really made me realize how important my mother is to me.

There are times when we battle, head to head, her will against mine, and then we stop and take the time to talk it out and everything is OK again.

I know too many people who have had or currently have strained relationships with their moms and it is hard. I thank God every day for mine.

Now back to this battle of the bulge. It's so funny or sweet or both, the comments I am getting from people in real life. I appreciate the encouragement, and please know this is a huge undertaking. I feel like the tortoise right now, when my mind really wants to be the rabbit. But I can only do what my body will allow.

So to let everyone know how I am doing and not spend a lot of time typing about it, I am going to make it into a little game. Each Friday I will post [] to represent sticks of butter. Each stick ([]) of butter is 1/4 of a pound, so 4 sticks ([][][][]) is 1 pound. Get it? So that way you will know how many pounds I am down based on how sticks of butter you find. ;)  So we will start easy today... Since June 22, 2012 I am down [][][][][][][][][][][][][][] sticks of butter. :)

Love, peace and stay away from things fried in grease!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 187 of 365

What a long day I have had. I woke early this morning with a splitting migraine which I believe stemmed from  some a sugar free dessert I had. This was a horribly painful lesson to learn. I need to make sure I ask before I eat things. You see I suffer from severe migraines when I have sweetener. If you have never suffered from a migraine , imagine the worst headache you've ever had and then add light sensitivity and nausea. It took me almost 12 hours to get rid of it and then I suffered from the migraine hangover. Thankfully I had a human pin cushion appointment. (acupuncture) I love going because I feel so relaxed afterwards.

I have the best friend ever. When I was sick this morning, my BFF went with my mom to the grocery store for our weekly trip and then offered to drive me to my appointment since I was still feeling wonky. I feel so cared for today. Between my BFF doing all those things for Mom and I and my mom taking care of me, I know I am loved.

So, I have to say how thankful I am to be where I am and made the friends that I have made. To say I have had a rough couple of days would be an understatement, but thank you to all of my friends that have messaged me and called me and facebooked me. I am doing good, my knee is bruised, but fine. I am so blessed to have you all in my life.

Love, peace and hugs to everyone

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 186 of 365

"It's a salute to all Nations but mostly America..." - Sam Eagle

Today is the United States of America's 
236th Birthday!

I hope that everyone had a safe day and evening celebrating our countries birthday and the freedom that it has brought us. Never forget those that lead the way before us so that we could stand here today.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
-- Declaration of Independence

God Bless the United States of America

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day 185 of 365

It must be a full moon...

Today I tried to fly...It wasn't on purpose either. I was walking down the stairs in one of our merchandise locations and misjudged the bottom step and before I knew it I was airborne and then crash landing. When I opened my eyes I was on my hands and knees and I heard a voice call down if I was OK. My response was I fell and then the tears came. The next few moments were a blur of voices and faces and hands helping me to sit on the stairs. I totally appreciate my two team members that got me laughing and trying to forget that my knee hurt and that I felt like a totally idiot for falling and also that they insist that I go to health services to get it checked out after the paramedics came.

I have some great friends and co-workers. I am so thankful for all of them as I have said before. They made a possible horrible situation into something where I felt safe and taken care of. It's so nice to know that when you are in need of help there are people there that you can rely on. After I got home I received many messages and a few calls from others checking on me. It's like I have said before, even though I am far away from most of my blood family and I am right here at home with my magic family.

Faith, trust and hugs

Note to self: Next time I try to fly, use more pixie dust or try it in a plane instead ;-)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 184 of 365

I love training the new trainers one on one because you really get to share with them the stories from your craziest stories working for the company; or your most moving stories as well. I often wonder if true life work stories would appeal to anyone else besides people that work at that place. But like everything else I am sure it's all in how it is written and what it stirs in it's readers to draw them to it time and again.

If I were to write my Disney stories or as I like to call them, adventures, I would have to write them just like I lived them, full out not holding back anything!

Something I have definitely learned in the past almost five years is to let loose and have fun and not care who is watching. I have belted out Birthday songs at the top of my lungs, had shoot outs with tiny pirates, bowed grandly to princesses and threw temper tantrums in front of long lined attractions and haven't regretted or worried what other thought of me and still don't. I am helping create magical memories for my guests and my cast.

Love, peace and I'm a work in progress

And thank you for those of you that have been asking how training is going. I am working on being more sensible with my eating. Also, I am trying to exercise daily. I have been swimming the past few days and when I can't do that I try to walk or do the wii fit. Keeping my eyes on the prize!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Day 183 of 365

Happy Canada Day!!! I had the pleasure of being invited to the Canada Pavilion's Celebration today. We had traditional Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup, Papa John's Pizza, Coca-Cola, Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bars and Nestea Canned Ice Tea. It was fun to see the cast members as well as the guests out in the park that were celebrating their countries heritage.

When I asked one of my Canadian friends what they do on Canada Day, he said they eat and party and end the night with fireworks. So it's basically like the 4th of July celebration in the US. Which totally reminds me of a funny story.

So last year one of my English college program cast members was sent to work on Main Street USA for the 4th of July, so she put on an I'm Celebrating button and she wrote on it, "My 1st 4th of July!" As she was waving to guests going in and out of the park, one guest stopped to talk with her. They where from "Anytown, USA" and we talking about their day when they noticed her button and could not believe she had never celebrated a 4th of July. They asked where she was from and when she said England, the guest actually asked, "well, why wouldn't you celebrate the US independence?" I know it is not nice but this is the time I wish the cast member could have said, "Here's your sign, sir." We all joke that people leave their brains in the car when they go on vacation, but sometimes we wonder if they have one at all....

So, i hope you had a great Canada Day and if you didn't, then you missed out on another reason to eat drink and have fun during the summer.

Love, peace and Cheese Soup Eh!