Day 180 of 365

A great way to jump start a diet is, if you haven't drank milk in almost a year, gulping down a big ice cold glass of it could bring tummy troubles most assuredly; thus you won't feel like eating the rest of the night.

The best ailment to a sad spirit is fun with a friend or two; especially if the fun is having your friends watch you get stuck with like 10-15 needles and then you get to see their faces when they get stuck with just one. (true story, made me giggle a little to see their reactions)

The best advice I learned today came at of all places, the Osceola County Clerks Office.

As soon as I saw it I had to whip out my phone a snap a picture so I could remember it. There is just so much truth in this quote. I feel like I need to post it on my bathroom mirror and on my fridge and in my car and in my cubicle (when I get one). I have been talking about moving towards my dreams and goals a lot lately and the big thing this has taught me is that the only reason we give up on dreams is because we give up. 

I am single...I give up
I don't make enough money....I give up
I gained back the 10 pounds I lost...I give up
It gets to hard...I give up 

There wasn't anyone else in this scenario but me, I am my biggest obstacle. When things get rough that should be our clue we are going the right direction. If I want to lose weight than I need to learn that I can't give up after one slip, I can't give up after one indulgent day or week; I need to keep pushing myself ahead. 

If I don't make enough money but I love what I do, maybe I need to look at the things in my life and see:

1. is there a way I can make a little extra money
2. are there things I am doing after I get each check that can be reduced or eliminated? (ex. eating out, buying luxury items)
3. Ask myself, is this a want or a need?
4. Make a budget and stick to it...

We were never promised life would be easy. If you had a dream "car" that you really wanted and you were given the keys, it was paid in full and the first day out you are flying down the roads, in and out of traffic and you have an accident and you are OK but the car is total. How would you feel? Would you be sad, probably a little, but you really aren't out anything right?

Now what happens if you work for years to save up for your dream "car" and the day you get it you are out driving, are you going to drive it recklessly and without abandon? No, because you had to work for years to get that "car." You may not have gotten it in the time frame you originally hoped for but you never gave up. 

When we chose to push past our biggest hurdle, SELF, we will find our dreams at the end of the road. 

Love, peace and NEVER give up on your Dreams

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