Day 179 of 365

I hate having a friend that needs help, either emotionally or financially, and there is nothing I can do. My hurt aches for the frustration and sadness they are going through. All I can do is pray for them and be a shoulder for them to lean on or cry on if they need to.

I know that is why God came up with friends. He knew that we wouldn't always have our family around to help us when we are down or when we need to celebrate, when we need to cry or when we need a good laugh. So he created friends. They are those people that know you almost better than you know yourself. They share you secrets, your jokes, your ups, your downs and everything in between. They are better than family sometimes because you get to chose them and if you are really lucky you get to hang on to them for a lifetime.

Sometimes they come to be from the weirdest situations and other times they just happen. No matter what a true friend is the best thing you can have.

Love, peace and keep your friends close

And having a true friend means you never have to go through things alone...<3

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