Day 178 of 365

Last week I received a text from a friend asking me if I would write a character reference for them, my first thought was, crap I've never written one of those, but in the next second, I typed back sure when do you need it? So, tonight I wrote my first character reference and I have to say I was truly honored to be asked. So, I would like to share what I wrote for her.

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am writing you on behalf of my friend and co-worker, MU When I met M almost five years ago, I was immediately impressed with her work ethic, passion and commitment to her job at Walt Disney World. 
Our leaders really respect M’s abilities in handling Hotel Delivery; from the time she clocks in until the time she goes home she is dedicated to her job, no matter what is asked of her.  She leads by example, showing up on time and in costume, ready to work.  Keeping the location clean and organized is a priority to her and when time is getting tight or the work load gets heavier she works that much harder to assure that Guests receive their purchases on time. 
When it comes to diversity in the work place, she has no problem working with others; no matter if they are our College or International College Program Cast or our Retired Seasonal Cast, she respects and appreciates what she can teach them and what they can teach her.  When I bring new Cast members into Hotel Delivery she is the first person I introduce them to, because I know she will treat them with patience and kindness. She offers them a very thorough over view of the shop and delivery services. She also gives them the reassurance that the senior cast members, like her, are always there to help when they need it; especially if there is a Guest situation that is too much for them to handle.  Having worked for all these years at Disney she has learned how to communicate with the public and deal with stressful situations that some of our own Leadership team has trouble dealing with. If I have a Guest issue that is too much for me to handle I know I can rely on her to back me up.
The dedication for her job and her friendships is the same one she has for her studies. During her breaks and free time she can be found tucked away pouring over her school books preparing for her future.  Like her position at Disney she is passionate about helping others and making a difference. She has inspired me to keep looking ahead no matter how long and hard the road may seem, because you will find your dream in the end. 

I hope and pray that she gets to live out her dream and I am blessed that I know her and trusted me to write this on her behalf.

Love, peace and follow your dreams

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