Day 177 of 365

I almost think we may need to build an ark. The rain is just relentless and so is my head ache is as well.

I have something to grieve about today and I am sure my friends that work in other parts of the travel industry will agree with me as well. Before any of you start thinking, oh no she is talking about me, I have been talking with my co-workers recently so chill out, but if you think it's something you have done to friends or family maybe you should take some of these suggestions as a wake up call the next time you think of calling or emailing or facebooking.

1. Please don't ask me for discounted or free tickets...I am only given so many each year and I save them for my family and close friends.
    - If I haven't seen you in years, plan on paying your own way and for your own stay. (again unless I offer)

2. Family: If you need help with planning your vacation travels don't do it at the last minute. Most of the time we can't help you on such short notice.

3. If you are coming to my destination please don't just assume my home is a bed and breakfast. Accommodations are limited.

4. Please don't assume I will be able to get you other discounts as well...

5. If you are asked to be a guest, be a gracious one, offer to help out during your staff. If I decline your help that is one thing, but to never offer may not be asked back.

6. Many of us play tour guide and vacation planner to guests and customers all day long, please don't expect me to want to do it for you as well. Remember, many times your visit is our vacation too.

Sorry it was such a rant but it's been going through my mind for some time now. Especially after talking with my co's.

Love, peace and respect

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