Day 173 of 365

I had a nice day with Mom, BFF and BGF  having breakfast, then visiting Gatorland and then having Lunch. This evening BFF, BGF, LTBGF and I took a trip to the beach. We were able to reminisce about High School and have our own pre-reunion reunion. It was nice to just hang together like we did all those years ago and be ourselves. No one was anyone's mom, or wife, or employee, or boyfriend, or girlfriend, or son, or daughter. It was just four fantastic friends from high school getting reacquainted after many many years of separation.

It was so nice to walk along the sand and run in and out of the waves taking funny pictures of each other and laughing and joking. As we sat in a beach side bar/restaurant I asked everyone, "Did any of you ever think back when we were in High School, that we would be sitting in some random bar in Florida all together 20 years later?" The only thing I knew back then is that BGF and I were going to be going away to college together in the fall to be suite mates, LTBGF was going across state to another college and BFF was staying in Town to go to a University.

All these years later it is crazy to see how we all came to meet up again for this special night. With one I had lost touch, then regained it, then lost it again, only to regain it thanks to Facebook. One I never really stopped talking to, even when we had our ups and downs. And the other, we had a falling out for a few years but reunited after I moved to Florida.

Even though our lives have all changed from our original plans for ourselves way back then, we are all living our new dreams for ourselves now. We have done a lot of growing up and out. (lol) We have faced fears in our lives and are still here to tell the story about them. It's even easier to face any new fears now because we all have each other once again.

Love, peace and forever friends

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