Day 172 of 365

My Sophomore year in High School and Sophomore Year at WDW
I love getting to spend time with old friends...I don't mean age in this instance I mean friends I have known for a long time...And when I mean long time I mean like more than half of my life. BGF and I have known each other since the 7th grade, where as LTBGF (Long Time Best Girl Friend) and I have known each other since like 3rd or 4th grade. 

We all met up tonight and went to dinner and than a walk around downtown visiting Ghiradelli for a free chocolate caramel square and than ice cream (which we had to pay for) and a trip to the Lego store! There was a lot of laughing and reminiscing of the old days back when we were all in Junior High and High School. Chatting about different people we all knew and wondering who we would see next month at the reunion. 

It was nice to realize that all those years ago when be wrote things like FF (friends forever) or I'll never forget you in each others yearbooks, that they were actually true. No matter what we have gone through over the past 20 years, we have managed to hang on to the good memories and realize our friendships are true. 

It also made me realize how crazy we can be when we hold on to things that happened years ago and hash them over again and again. It doesn't make life easier when we dwell on things of the past, it just makes us stop living in the present. I guarantee if I were to walk up to one of those people that I had stopped being friends with in High School over some trivial occurrence and said, "you know you were a real jerk to me and I can't believe you treated me that way and I am glad we stopped being friends." Do you know they would probably have no idea what I was talking about. In fact they would probably just shake their head and walk away. 

This is the past dwelling I am talking about. You have to get to a point in your life where things like that have to be let go of. It isn't doing you and good and more than likely the person on the other end doesn't even remember why you stopped being friends or why you had a fight or how they even hurt you. Harboring grudges just make you more miserable. When you can learn to let go of all of that garbage you can than grow as an individual and feel better about yourself. 

With this new outlook I am looking forward to seeing everyone I graduated with next month, good memories and not so good, but now they are better since I am going to stop harboring the hurt. 

Love, peace and an emotional release!

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