Day 170 of 365

I tried to put on a pair of my shorts from last summer this morning...they didn't fit. Which means the other 3 pairs hanging next to them will not fit either. When are things going to give? When will my body start working for me instead of against me? I want to lose weight and be healthier but there is still something there keeping me from doing it.

I need to retrain my body and my mind to get serious about making better choices. What I don't need is a bunch of people telling me, do this and don't do that. I need cheerleaders to give me positive reinforcement, not a bunch of advice. The soon someone tried to give me too much advice I turn my back and start doing the opposite and I end up back where I am now.

I have 32 days until my 20th High School reunion and my first time singing at Church since moving to Florida. I want to be able to take last years shorts with me on my trip and be able to wear them. I want my brothers and sisters in law to see a difference when they see me, to know I am really working at it. My previous health coach and therapist said to make small changes and small goals. So, Friday my vacation will end and the first leg of my journey will begin.

My first goal is to lose 15 pounds before I leave for St. Louis.
How will I do it? I will incorporate more vegetables into my diet. At this point it is seriously lacking them. I will cut down on dairy intake. I already stopped drinking milk almost a year ago, so now it will be cutting down on cheese and ice cream. (my temptresses) I will also begin walking a minimum of 15 minutes per day.

Say your prayers and send your well wishes, I really need the encouragement and I will keep you updated!

Love, Peace and staying away from things fried in grease!

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