Day 167 of 365

The sun, the sand the smell of the rain? If you have never been to Madeira Beach it's one of my favorite beaches to go to since moving down to Florida. They have clean beaches, clean bathrooms and just down the street is John's Pass, a shopping and dining area right on the Gulf.

Mom, BFF, BGF and I made the trip this afternoon. It was a rough start due to the fact that we hit traffic as soon as we hit Tampa and an hour and a half trip turned into an almost two and a half hour trip to get to the beach. Thank you Floridiot drivers! (Slowed down to watch an accident on another part of the highway get towed, REALLY?!)

The beach was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, the water was fantastic up until the giant black clouds started getting precariously close. So we changed into our shopping clothes and headed to John's Pass for some shopping and some belly stuffing. BGF tried Oysters on the half shell for the first time, she also tried Conch fritters and chocolate covered bacon. It was a day of first for her.

It's so fun to be with friends and family when they experience something new for the first time. To watch them think through the experience. To see their face change from curiosity, to in trepidation, to discovery and then to the point where they realize why something is so good or exciting. To share in the celebration of this new personal triumph, is like magic.

It's also fun to watch my Mom as she explores looking for just the right stone, or rock or shell and seeing her childlike excitement when she has found one she has deemed as the "good one." I love watching BFF walk along with her and help her find her treasures. To see the happiness in his eyes as she excepts his find. To see them get that shinning excitement in their eyes.

BGF and BFF - my new favorite quote: Friends by accident, family by choice.

Love, peace and forever friends

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