Day 166 of 365

A long three + weeks is finally over and my favorite mom has returned home. Along with one of my best girlfriends off all time (from hence forth shall be known as BGF)!!! She will be here a week of fun in the Florida sun!

I have had a rough week, today was no exception trying to rest my back and yet still needing to make sure everything was ready for their arrival. So, now my back is still a little sore and my car is in the shop until who knows when hopefully tomorrow morning and then I will get her back. But through it all my BFF was there to help me get things done and to calm me down when I was freaked out over my car, and even though he yelled at me (Don't worry he has apologized a million times already, even though you know in the movies when the person is freaking out and they are out of control and they just won't stop freaking out and then someone slaps them and then they stop and realize that is just what they needed? That's kinda what his yelling did for me) where was I?

Oh yeah! He got me through it all today and still met back up with us tonight after the airport for a late night supper to welcome Mom and BGF back!  I am so blessed to have some of the best friends.  There are some people that think that they need tons and tons of people around them to make them feel happy but I only need small group to make me feel like family.

Love, peace and tell you friends how much they mean to you....

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