Day 165 of 365

I have to say a Big Giant Happy Birthday to my bff! I had the pleasure of getting to make for him a special birthday dinner consisting of Spaghetti, salad and garlic cheese bread, topped off with a home made chocolate cake with chocolate icing! We watched Captain America the First Avenger also. It was a nice relaxing evening with a fantastic friend.

The only thing that would have made it better is if my back weren't killing me. It has been hurting since I woke up this morning and ironically enough I had to facilitate the safety classes at work today and teach cast members on how to NOT injure themselves. Lol!

Thankfully both my classes weren't horrible, in fact in both classes I had cast members that enjoyed the class and learned some new things. But on the flip side I had a cast member in class this afternoon that is normally a 5th grade teacher and I wonder if his own class understands what he is teaching because when he answered one of my questions about leverage I asked him if he wanted to elaborate on it and I think he confused all of us. Also, in the middle of class he pointed out about how I wear a wrist brace and that instead of suffering I should call his brother the hand surgeon and he can fix my carpal tunnel in a 10 minute office visit, and when I tried to tell him I am going the non-surgical route of acupuncture he poo pooed it and insisted on giving me his brothers card.

Am I the unsolicited advice receiver this week or what?  Didn't I go through a similar experience just two days ago? Enough already!Just because you think your brother or your doctor is wonderful, if I tell you I am trying to do the non-surgical non-expensive route...BUTT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please :)

Love, peace and Happy Birthday BFF!!

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